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Mugwort Harvest

I wildcrafted some of our native mugwort (Artemisia suksdorfii) yesterday. We found some nice patches down the Alberni Inlet. Right before harvesting this plant my family and I were lucky to see a humpback whale breech twice about 100ft from where we sat having a picnic! I haven't seen a whale in quite some time since I am rarely out on the water. We harvested some younger stalks from the stands of mugwort. It likes to grow near water and these plants were at the tidal portion of a creek. You will also often find it along ditches. It is best to not harvest plants roadside (due to contaminants from vehicles), so search out cleaner environments or start your own patch by harvesting seeds. I made fresh tincture and an infused oil, which I will be using in my clinic with my patients. I use it most often for inflammation and pain externally and internally it is excellent for pelvic congestion (PMS, endometriosis, etc) and sluggish digestion; amongst other things. I often wildcraft this plant for a few other purposes as well, including for smoking, smudging, beer making, and for making my own moxa floss for moxibustion.

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