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Distance Consultations


Are you in need of help from a qualified herbalist and Chinese medicine practitioner but can not find one in your area? Or perhaps you resonate more with my style of practice than someone close by? Either way, I am available to help you over distance.


Distance consults are done via phone, e-mail, or skype. Please contact me for an appointment time. I will need to collect the following from you before our conversation regarding your health issues:


  1. A completed and signed intake form 

  2. A payment via e-transfer or paypal (

  3. A clear picture of your tongue for tongue diagnosis purposes. Please try to take the photo in natural light.


Once I have received these things then we will discuss your case together and I will get a thorough health history. From there I spend time reviewing your case and I write out a treatment plan for your specific needs. This treatment plan will focus on herbal therapies, dietary therapies, exercise & lifestyle suggestions, and anything else that would be beneficial for you. Everything I do is customized to your specific situation. 


After the initial intake and once you have started your herbal formula(s) and other recommended therapies I will want to have a follow up check in within 1-4 weeks depending on your specific circumstances. 


Please nota that MSP Premium Assistance subsidies can not be used for distance consults and that follow-up fees may differ from in-office appointments.


If you have any questions please Contact Me



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